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   ¿What is the BTC OR Turist Ticket ?

This is a Ticket which allows you to visit 16 different places around cusco and the Sacred Valley, This ticket is a great investment because it saves you almost half of the money than if you bought the entrance fees separatily the price for students with ISIC cards. You can get it  at the first place you visit or at the public ministery.

¿ What are the basic  expenses when going to Machupichu ? 

First of all the ticket, because there is no other way to get the but by helicopter, the less expensive train ticket is the "Backpacker", (the local train is not allowed for toorist anymore) the cost of the touristic bus from Aguas Calientes to the ruins of Machupicchu is US$ 12.00 one way, and the entrance ticket cost S/.79.50.00 and S/.40.00 for students with ISIC card. 

¿ What is the Inka Trail ? 

The Inka Trail is a trekking wich can be done , intwo to four days. Nowodays it is not allowed the entrance of tourists by theirselves, they have to come wiht  an agency group. this agencies offer services with different prices such as ÑInaka Trail for two days from US$ 180 to US$ 350  and Inka Trail for four days from US$ 200. this agencies shall provide you with a good equipment and staff. For more information and prices visit:

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