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The masterpiece created by the Inkas to show to the wrold their power and elegance,which by its luxure and abbundance of beauty pressumes the great skills of the Inkas . It is located on the north part of the city, and it was all made out of stone.

  Sacsayhuaman was the "House of the Sun" it was not a fortress, like spanish thought once they saw such a construction. Inside the complex we can find deposits for food, weapons, ornaments, materials, and acueducts.

Portada Inca Sacsayhuaman

There are also considerably long underground tunnels or "chincanas", where you will be amazed by the beauty of it.

>> MEANING OF THE WORD: Several Scientists have tried to translate this word however they havent come to any defined meaning, but the majority of the have come up with the idea that this name relates in some way with religious terms. For some of them saqsa means:full, satisfied and  huaman means:bird

>> LOCATION: It is located north of Cusco, exactly at 1 km away from the city.

>> AREA: It has an area of 3.003.38 hectares.

>> ALTITTUDE: It is located at the same altitude as Cusco (3555 m.a.s.l.)


There are many ways of getting up to Sacsayhuaman, you can go walking, taking a bus, taking a cab, hiring a motorbike or a mountain bike you can even find horses on the way.

The only thing you need to know is that it takes less than an hour to get there from the plaza, you should find Suecia Street and follow the street until you reach the main road to San Cristobal which leads you to Sacsayhuaman, or even take a shortcut through Resbalosa Street or SikiTakana (translated as "Very Slippery") this pedestrian road will take you further up to the main road that takes you up to Sacsayhuaman.If you want you can also take a tour and just be picked up from your hotel and taken by a touristic bus.  


>> GENERAL INFO: It was considered as the House of the Sun. The most important temple called Hanan Qosqo or Upper Cusco, dedicated to the Andean Cosmology. Over this place we can find different ruins dedicated each to the Inti (Sun), Quilla (moon), Chaska (stars), Illapa (ray) and for some of their other Gods. At first sight the Spaniards thought it was a fortress especially when they saw the size of its rocks, and some of them actually weighted from 90 until 128 tons.


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