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It is divided in Big Qenqo and Little Qenqo , it has a semicircular plaza for ceremonies, with a seminatural cave drawned all over with agriculture pictures. On the top you can find a group of stairs which lead you to a sort of Altar. Most of the places located on this area accomplished a few social, achonomic or religious function.

>> MEANING OF THE WORD: The name Qenqo means Puzzle which might have been given after the weird shape of its rocks.

>> LOCATION: It is located at 3 Km away from Cusco. 

>> ALTITUD: Qenqo is located at 3640 m.a.s.l.


>> SIGNIFICADO: Puka means: Red, and Pukara means: fortress. So it can be translated as Red Fortress. Its name comes after the red earth which was used to built this place.

>> LOCATION: It is located at 6 Km. away from Cusco.

>> ALTITTUDE: Its altittude rises to 3745 m.a.s.l.


Scientists believe this was a refugee for the people who accompain the Inka when he left to visit the Antisuyo, but the latest studies confirm that this was a echonomic-social and religious centre, because it is located on a very fertile area and it's quite near to the valley of Tambillohuayco. Appart from that it must have been connected to Tambomach’ay, you can actually see this place from the top of Puka Pukara.


It has two amazing constructions which weren't built with mud "morteros", there are some sculptures of even 2 metres high. over the andens there are a some tiny creeks which come from an unknown place, during the year the amount of water that run through it never changes and they end up on a little pool which is known as the Bath of the Inkas, In front of this there is a huge tower shaped as an "atalaya".

>> MEANING OF THE WORD: Tambo means: place of rest or refugee ,and Mach’ay means: cave. Maybe the name comes after the water coming from an unknown place, which seem to come out of the building.

>> LOCATION: It is located at 7 Km. away from the city of Cusco, and at 1 Km. from Puka Pukara.

>> ALTITTUDE: It is located at 3750 m.a.s.l..



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