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Pisaq is a picturesque town with colonial and mestizo charactersitics.  Every tuesday, thursday and sunday they have a souvenir market on the plaza, and a mass in Quechua (onlyon sundays) with the presence of the local authorities.  On top of the mountain,right on the back of Pisac, you can find the fabulous archeological complex the most outstanding remains are:  Qanturaqay, Amaru, Punku e Intihuatana and Tanqanamanka, considered the largest pre-Colonial remains in Latin-America. 

Sunday market in Pisaq

>> MEANING: The term Pisac might come from the word in quechua P´isaqa which is the name of a bird that exists on this area.  Other Quechua experts support the theory that the word comes from the name Cristóbal Pisaq Topo who used to live in this area. 

>> LOCATION: This important little village is located on the edge of the Vilcanota river at about 31 km away from Cusco. 

>> AREA: The total area including all the villages and communities nearby is 977.66 hectares.

>> ALTITUDE: Pisac is located at  3400 metres above the sea level.

>> GETTING THERE: You can either take a public bus or take a tour to Pisac, public buses leave from Puputi Street or Tullumayo Street in Cusco every 20 minuts from 05:00 Am. to19:00 Pm.everyday. Once you get to Pisac you will find the "colectivos" or minibuses which will take you up to the ruins. If you would like to take a tour, you can go to any of the agencies, prices vary from $.20.00 to US$50.00

The Intihuatana in Pisac



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